Who We Are

About us CFD

About us

Council for DiverseABILITY is an NGO or Section 8 Company, founded in 2020. It is the first organisation started by parents of a special child to help represent every child with a disability, regardless of particular need or circumstance. To have a disability is to belong to a large extended community — one out of every seven Indians fits the description — that includes immense diversity and also common threads of shared experience Our aim is to empower meaningful inclusion, extended to a larger community and the country as a whole.

Our Reason

“From parents, For parents” – is what truly describes us. As parents of a “special child”, we’ve been through the entire journey ourselves. Rather than feeling sorry, we chose to accept all the challenges that we faced. Step by step, we’ve come a long way – and we’re here to tread the unconventional path to be a beacon of hope for every parent out there.

We are proud of our dynamic team who serve the community with integrity, holding our clients and children with disabilities at the centre, honouring their strengths and implementing a holistic approach to make them ready to face the world.

Our Vision

We believe in building a society in which all children will get equal rights- the right to education, right to livelihood, right to protection, right to medical insurance, right to development and participation, irrespective of their disability. We aspire to help create a better future for our children with special needs, with a focus on building one Nation which is inclusive, using the resources available for them in the best way possible.

Our Mission

Our mission has always been to break down the barriers that fence people off from the wider community.
Today, we focus the whole of our energy on eliminating the most wasteful and isolating of all those barriers: the artificial gulf that keeps tens of millions of people out of education, equal opportunities, earnings and a productive independent life.

We also envision a world where employers know how to make the most of their talents.


Dedicated Team

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