Our 360° Approach

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Education: With the best minds across the world in special education, therapy and alternative methodologies, our Communicare Pre-school program ensures that all kids between the ages of 2-8 years with developmental delays are provided the best of education & learning

Integration/Inclusion: Though there are wide variations of learning disabilities and special needs, we believe that each individual is markedly unique. We ensure a smooth transition from a special school to a mainstream school, while also putting the child on the road to independence.

Council for DiverseABILITY is all about “From the parents. For the parents”. We’re here with answers to all your unanswered questions

Training / Workshops: We offer a catalog of special training and workshops that can be given in-person or virtually, to demystify disability

Financial assistance: We understand that bringing up a “special child” comes with its own set of financial and social challenges. At Council for DiverseABILITY, parents can now avail of a tax benefit under the Income Tax Provision of 80G

Caregiver Programs: We have a trained set of staff who are sensitized to deal with “special children” and their needs

Your “ME TIME”: As a parent, your life doesn’t end with the advent of your little one. We have special day-care centres for your children, where you can be rest assured that they’re taken equally good care of, even while you’re away

We have an esteemed set of patrons in collaboration with Council for DiverseABILITY. We truly believe that each child is exceptional; and their needs, requirements, diagnosis, treatment – differ too. There’s no more running from pillar to post for your child’s needs

At Council for DiverseABILITY, we don’t have “volunteers”, we believe they’re buddies, those who understand the value of just “being there”. As someone rightly said – The greatest gift you can give someone is your time

We bring employment opportunities for people with disabilities to achieve the dignity, fulfilment, and financial independence that comes from productive employment.

For us, and for the donors and foundations who generously support us through CSR, we endeavour to achieve inclusion in workplace, because that is where ability contributes to national prosperity, to business success, and, most importantly, to personal satisfaction and growth.

We are the torch-bearers for “inclusion”- in every strata of life, and that is only possible when each individual in the society is sensitized towards children with special needs. This is done through training and workshops at workplaces, events, conducting seminars etc.

“Each one, speak to one” – Only when we stop living in denial, we can truly be the crusaders of change. The more we speak about it, the more it’ll create an unprecedented wave of awareness